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High in Google and Bing is important to get a healthy flow of relevant visitors to your website. It provides new leads and customers and is therefore the lifeblood of a healthy company.


Website SEO is our expertise | Being findable online

It is our passion and challenge to make a website rank high for relevant keywords. And of course we work with the latest techniques and strategies and are therefore successful.

Ranking high in Google or so called SEO optimization is a profession in itself, the techniques keep changing and the competitors are not sitting still. So outsource this to a specialized company like us. The revenues far outweigh the costs.

We helpen u een toppositie in Google te verwerven voor relevante zoekwoorden. Hier ons eigen bedrijf voor het zoekwoord ‘SEO specialist’

SEO activities make your website super fast

Time is money. Also people want fast response when they Google. A slow site is clicked away. Google knows that and rewards quick sites in a better ranking. So your site needs to ‘flash’. We can help you with that, better : we feel it as an obligation. It is the first thing we do, make a site faster, just to be able to work faster ourselves !

Many sites have images that are too large and many sites have small errors in the code, so that the site is not loaded optimally. The result is usually slowness and it confuses the Google software. Fast sites are rewarded by Google with a higher ranking. A fast loading site therefore works doubly and results in more visitors.

We love to solve these sorts of slowness problems for you. We hate slow websites ! We will send you a report of the site speed before and after the optimization.


Ad above picture: Google gives a site a PageSpeed ​​score with 100% as the top. We can help you get a high score.

You can also check the PageSpeed ​​score of your website yourself. Go to Google PageSpeed ​​and enter your website URL.

How to Survive (and Yes, Even Thrive) in a Recession

Ranking high in Google will drive more FREE traffic to your site. And because it is targeted traffic, it will also result in more conversions.

Search engine optimization makes your site mobile-friendly.

More and more people are using their phones to look up information on the internet. So your site must look good on mobile. Most sites are already “responsive”, which means that the site adapts to the device you are using.

The better a site “presents” itself and the faster it loads on a mobile device, the higher its position in Google search results will be. The mobile friendliness of your site is therefore very important and will only become more important.

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Local Online findability through SEO website

The search results are region dependent. Of course you want to score high in Google in your own region. When we say or write “Google”, we of course also mean other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, etc. However, Google is by far the largest.

For example, if someone enters “vehicle inspection” into Google, the search engine will take your location into account and will mainly show garages in the area. In addition, your search behavior is also tracked, so that the search results are no longer objective. It is therefore more convenient to open an incognito window in Google Chrome (click the three dots in Chrome at the top right and click “New Incognito Window”). You will then get a more objective picture of your actual position in Google.

SEO tips make you findable online | Write SEO text

The top 3 of the search results get the bulk of the visitors, 50-70%. So that’s where your site should be for relevant keywords. That is where the most can be earned.

Here are some tips on how to rank better in Google:

  • register a good domain with the most important keyword
  • create good titles with relevant keywords
  • write seo text with relevant keywords
  • sufficient text on the site with relevant information
  • good pictures with good names and so-called “alt information”
  • make a good website structure with good internal links
  • write legible texts containing keywords
  • relevant external links pointing to the site (so-called backlinks)
  • charge fast and be mobile-friendly
  • create links with relevant social media
  • have as many good reviews as possible
  • have a good and complete Google My Business listing
  • and some other technical stuff

In short: SEO website optimization is a profession in itself and it is better to leave it to an SEO specialist. We can provide you with optimal and cost-efficient service.

SEO website | In the 3 pack of Google

The aim is to get into the top 3 of Google for relevant search results, the so-called 3 pack. These positions score the most visitors.

Below our own site as an example: we are currently (March 2021) number 2 for the keyword “SEO specialist” in the Venlo region.


Ad picture : Example of a top ranking in Google for the keyword “SEO specialist” in the Venlo region

SEO services | Our mission

It is our mission and aim to help local companies to be easily found in Google so that they can optimally serve the searching customers with their products and services. For greater brand awareness, good market positioning and healthy revenue growth.

SEO specialist | What Our Customers Say About Our Services

Nice teamwork
“Our website was immediately overhauled with noticeable results in a short time. Happy with the results. ”

Peter Bouman, owner of brewery Brouwerij In de Nacht

SEO Bureau | Why would you want to hire us ?

Our knowledge and skills :

SEO Specialist

Ons team is gespecialiseerd in Search Engine Optimalization. Dit betekent dat we de capaciteiten hebben om in korte tijd topresultaten voor u te realiseren. We zijn bedreven in de nieuwste technieken en blijven up-to-date qua kennis.

Good Presence Online | Quality Assured

We do our work carefully, with love and dedication with the sole aim of delivering excellent results for our customers.

Our clients love our work and so will you! Just read the reviews and you will be convinced.

We work efficiently and goal-oriented so that you see results quickly: a higher position in Google, a faster, mobile-friendly website, more visitors and more customers.